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Final Major Project - Life Is Golden

Progress continues to be made in terms of my Final Major Project and with more still life images captured over the weekend my thinking towards the production of this work has started to evolve.

My immediate thinking has developed into the following:

  • Still Life Images of Flowers

  • The relationship between photography & the other creative arts

  • Original plan was to do this through the lens of The Muses. However have concerns that this could become too literal and want the link to creative arts to be more subtle within the body of the work

  • Consider the use of contemporary music lyrics to accompany images

  • Blur the lines between photography and art through the use of multiple exposures, textures and other editing process

  • Possible use of mixed media

  • Images to be shown with lyrics, possibly projected onto them or printed on the glass in front

  • Songs could be played / performed as part of exhibition

  • Book to accompany the images with full lyrics

Whilst I am still keen to work with the concept of The Muses I do think the shift away from the more obvious capture of nine main images that represent them, and try to capture the range of Muses through a series of photographs and text could widen the scope of my FMP. The inclusion of contemporary music lyrics also feels a positive move forward as music plays a big part in my life.

For example the above image works very alongside the following lyrics from a Suede song.

Life Is Golden


The same blood runs through your veins

But you have the light of your mother

She holds her love to her

Tender breast

You're not alone

Look up to the sky and be calm

You're not alone

Look into the light and be heard

You're never alone

Your life is golden


Over the next week I will be exploring more these ideas and researching how the lyrics / text can be used with the imagery.

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