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Final Major Project - The Proposal

At the start of the Final Major Project we have been asked to produce a 2000 word, fully referenced, proposal of what we plan to do as part of our Final Major project.

I am intending to explore the relationship between photography and the creative arts and have the working title of 'In Search of the Muses'. The nine daughters of Zeuss, who anthomorphized the creative arts into human (or Goddess) form, will form the narrative of my still life project.

The full proposal can be read below on the attached link:

In Search Of The Muses - Steve Rabone FMP Prop Final Edit
Download PDF • 15.01MB

At this stage the final production and dissemination of this work is still taking shape. The use of still life photography and the language of flowers will form the foundation of this project but I am keen to explore a range of creative arts in the final imagery.

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