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Sustainable Strategies - Going Outdoors

Whilst the main focus of this module is likely to be the production of a photobook, this assignment has given me chance to consider how I could develop this further in to an actual gallery space. On a photowalk yesterday I came across an outdoor installation by the Arts Council of England and this got me thinking.

My current project (Multiplicity Birmingham) is aimed at creating a series of 'Motifs' of famous Birmingham buildings and I plan to display this in a linear book that will illustrate the history of my home city's architecture, from medieval time through to modern day. I therefore think that I could replicate this concept by displaying all twelve images in either a row, or as shown below a 'U'shape. The installation would be outdoors, both to provide adequate lighting but also put each building back in its natural habitat, after all who heard of putting a building inside another building ?

The final versions of my motifs are still to be finalised but here is one that hopefully illustrates where the project is heading.

So in terms of my outside installation, I would require twelve freestanding units that would allow the public to view the unnamed motifs, and perhaps question what and where they are looking at, and maybe take a walk to the building and look up for themselves.

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