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Sustainable Strategies - In The Shadows Of Giants

So this week's challenge certainly appeared a curve ball when I first opened it up. As a photographer, doing an MA in Photography I was surprised and a little bit terrified to read the following task,

"Write a short story (600–1000 words) set in the future, where someone is using / consuming your photography. Don’t worry about writing skill or expertise. To help with this task, it may help to borrow a premise or minor character from an existing piece of science-fiction."

Putting the DSLR down for a second and reflecting on this task an idea began to form that could link back to my current Multiplicity project. As with many 'creatives' once this idea started to develop, I just had to get it down. Sat in my kitchen, laptop plugged in and a couple of recent images to hand for inspiration I started typing.

I must admit I did lose myself for a few hours in this world, set in Birmingham, 2121, and really enjoyed the process. Will the short story become part of my project, it is hard to say at the moment ( I guess all things are possible) but writing In The Shadows Of Giants did help consolidate some of my thinking up until this point. It has reaffirmed to me that I do want to continue with the Multiplicity Project and see where this takes me.

For now if you have a spare 10 minutes or so, why not grab a coffee and head over to 2121, hope you enjoy the read.

In The Shadows Of Giants - A Short Story
Download • 5.24MB

Its not very long, it is a short story after all, but as they say, To Be Continued......

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